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Dec 9, 2017

In this first episode of Bricolage Podcast, Dominic speaks with Rachel Konichiwakitty in a meeting room at Imperial College, London. 

The conversation touches on:
Gummi toe-beans (Senjyakuame Nikukyu Paw Shaped Gummy Candy)
Opening the present
Science museum (Meet a scientist day)
Radioactive spider bite
Choosing science
What about making?
Mindfulness (Headspace & School of Life
RasPi/Science projects
Speaking at unconference
Stem cells
Optimism and progress
E-textiles (CuteCircuit)
Maid cafe
Imposter syndrome
Questioning authorship
"People come up with the same solutions because we all have the same problems"
Standing on the shoulders of giants
Small pond
Gap year - pace yourself
The Winning Post
Work life balance
Mindfulness as a discipline (Headspace & School of Life
Article in Nature
You can find out more about Rachel and her projects @Konichiwakitty and on her website

This podcast is a Pangolini Studios Production with thanks to producers, Robert Nixdorf @diodenschein and research/show notes by Gillian, @ddiasco Why not follow @BricolagePod for the latest news! 

December 9, 2017.