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Jun 22, 2018

In this episode I chat with Mark Mellors who is a prolific maker and a familiar name in the British maker and hacker scene. 

We specifically talk about:

Jelley & Marshmallows collaborations with Simon Jelley
Derby Mini Maker Faire 2012
Hitchin Hackspace
Alex Palforman-Brown Founder of Hack Hitchin
Makevember Manifesto #Makevemeber hashtag
Renovation at Hitchin Hackspace
EMF Camp
Nottingham Hackspace 
Dominic has a rant about the frustration of volunteer labour
Hitchin Hackspace is a former public toilet 
Hack All The Spaces Podcast, defunct podcast project with Dominic & Kate @katemonkey now lost in the mists of time
Pareto's Law
Male to Female ratio in Hackspaces
Mark & Dominic attempt to check their privilage
Red Rabbits
Lapin Luminare Inflatable RGB IoT Rabbit  
Projects for EMF 2018
Hacky-Races at EMF 2018
Power Racing Series USA
Donald Bell of Maker Project Lab see Episode.3 
Laminar Flow Fountain 
Robot Wars UK
The challenges of getting a robot onto Robot Wars
Battle Bots
Robert Berwick & Robert Kapinsky 
Richard Sewell "Unsuitable Materials" #Makevember


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