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Feb 20, 2019

Dominic & Gillian (@ddiasco) explore the last UK Maker Faire in April 2018. They start outside on Times Square. They chat with Dave of Rowan Wood Carving before heading inside to chat with a couple of makers. 

This bonus episode was recorded in April 2018, at the time we did not know that this was to be the last UK Maker Faire (though please don’t be confused there are OTHER UK based Maker Faire’s they’re just not called the UK Maker Faire).

I managed to chat with Ruth Amos, an inventor and engineer who is the star of YouTubes “Kids Invent Stuff” and an initiative to help build confidence for kids and especially girls to be more at ease with using tools.

Some links to Ruth’s work: on Twitter

#GirlsWithDrills for her initiative with Kisha Bradley

KidsInventStuff on YouTube with Sean Brown

We got to speak to Colin Furze, probably the most successful British maker on YouTube.

Colin’s YouTube Channel

Colin on Twitter